Five minutes from our hotel, two unforgettable hours through canyons and the most beautiful mangrove in Thailand, a favorite playground for monitor lizards, macaques and gibbons. Guided visit.

Duration: 2h approximately

Please bring with you
  • Cap
  • Swimsuit
  • T-shirt / shorts
  • Mineral sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Mosquito repellent
  • for 1 person ฿900
  • for groups of 2 persons and more ฿800
  • per child (under 10 years) ฿400

Naga Peak

(well traced path. No guide)

The boat drops you on the beach at the foot of Phu Naga Hill (and will come to pick you up here too). 3 hours hike to the summit with great panoramic view. Picnic included. Good shoes needed.

Duration: 4:30h

  • for 2 persons ฿2700
  • per extra adult ฿250


Sneakers and swimsuits recommended. 45 minutes scenic drive to this National Park famous for its multi-level waterfalls. Beautiful nature and refreshing splashes.

Duration: 3h

  • for 2 persons ฿2240
  • per extra adult ฿120
  • per extra child (under 12 years) ฿60

Tiger Cave

(well traced path. No guide)

Decent clothes, good shoes. Visit Krabi’s most famous temple, its meditation jungle and its secondary sanctuary at the top of a karst peak. The 1260 steps climb is not recommended for people frail or afraid of the height.

Duration: 3h

  • for 2 persons ฿2000
  • up to 8 persons ฿2000